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Why be part of the Global Tribe?

by Saskia Daggett

I am writing as one of the Co-Founders of the Global Tribe. Candra and I set up the clothing line because we both have a passion for social change and want to support others in making it happen. I have a fire in my belly for a different world and share a vision - with many of you - for a kinder, more just world. One which is more equal and where we live within the resource boundaries of our planet. We both want to provide a space for people to connect to one another, take action and do something positive, to be inspired and to look great doing it. We know things can often feel hopeless - our social media feeds are full of awful and distressing news - but there is hope, most things for most people are getting better; we just need to keep pushing for more. Building the Global Tribe has been an exciting ride so far - we are both new to setting up and running a social enterprise - but we think we might be onto something!

I started working on social justice issues when I was 14 in homeless hostels in the UK, I couldn’t believe - and still can’t - that people sleep on our streets in a rich western nation with handmade signs, literally asking for help. I ran hostels for several years and saw how bleak life can be for some people - especially when there’s a toxic cocktail of inequality, un-managed mental ill health, substance addiction, abuse and disadvantage. I also saw how some people came through these challenges and - with help and support - had a fighting chance of being happy and living a life in dignity and with wellbeing. I also met amazing people doing all they could to help and to try to change the system that creates these problems in the first place - for good.

women’s rights activist from Cambodia with megaphone
Women’s rights activist in rural Cambodia

I am also lucky to have been working in international development for over a decade. I’ve had the privilege of working with incredible activists all over the world; supporting people working on women’s rights, climate change, mental health, human rights, anti-corruption and inequality. I worked with colleagues and grassroots activists in Cambodia (pic on the left), Mexico, Tonga, India, China, Indonesia, Liberia, the US, Uganda and Ghana to name a few.

group photo of charity workers in Cambodia
Campaign Workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
group of women having meeting in a restaurant
Colleagues from the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance

The picture on the right is of my amazing colleagues from the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance. What I learnt was that we are all the same - so many of us in the world share values of equality and justice and are willing to work to achieve them.

I also learnt that our struggles are similar - every place has its own context, its own flavour, own challenges and in some places, these are felt more severely than others - but there is a striking amount of similarity. We are all up against a rich, powerful and aggressive elite, who operate and manipulate forever in their own interests. This is also one of the purposes of the Global Tribe - when you purchase with us you are connecting to others just like you from around the world. We are setting up a network where you can understand more about activists campaigning on a range of issues. The more we connect and understand one another the more powerful we become.

River nile in Ugandan landscape with greenery
River Nile in Jinja, Uganda

I was also lucky enough to end up living in Uganda for seven years - a country that still feels like home. It's a magical place where some of the kindest, warmest and funniest people on earth live. It was here I got to see first-hand how local activists have the capability, talent, insight and power to really make change happen. Check out Vanessa Nakate if you would like an example.

vanessa nakate environmental activist
Vanessa Nakate Environmental Activist from Uganda

It dawned on me pretty quickly that those who are living through issues like climate change, poverty, gender injustice, inequality and corruption are always the best placed to know how to deal with them - they just need back up. This brings us to one of the Global Tribe’s other core missions - to get resources directly into the hands of grassroots activists who are the best placed to make change happen in their country on the issues they face. By buying clothing with the Global Tribe you are making an act of solidarity and directly contributing to people right around the world who share your values and are just like you. Who works tirelessly to make the world better and by being part of the Global Tribe, you help to make this happen.

sunset view landscape river nile Uganda
River Nile in Jinja, Southern Uganda

What you can do as a Global Tribe member:

  1. Get hopeful and inspired by activists around the world who have made real change actually happen; being positive, informed and hopeful are all political acts.

  2. Get informed about all the intersectional issues of women’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, climate change, inequality and power.

  3. Spread the word - obviously, I am going to promote our clothing line at this point but we have handpicked and created designs to inspire and encourage - why not spread the love and help create the fever for change?! Our new lines are being launched soon watch our website and socials for more details and sign up here -->

  4. Donate directly if you want to and are able to; either to the Mizizi Project who will allocate your funds directly to grassroots activists that need it. We’ll soon be promoting activists and their own websites and funding pages soon - so keep your eye out.

  5. Be confident that by being part of the Global Tribe and by buying some fine looking items that you are taking positive action. Not only are you making a difference with a percentage of the profits going to grassroots activists but you are helping to build a new narrative and forge a new path for us all.

To see more about the Global Tribe, to sign up and to explore - see our website

License for Vanessa Nakate photo: 📸 --> Paul Wamala Ssegujja licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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1 Comment

Jun 20, 2021

Well done Saskia, great blog and great work you are doing. With increasing global inequality, this is the right thing to do. All the best!

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The Global Tribe Clothing Company is a sustainable, eco friendly clothing line. Created by  two women who are passionate about people and our society. We want to create a community where people are informed of the injustices happening on our planet and contribute to those fighting for change. Giving people a voice through our designs whilst spreading the message.

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