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What is The Global Tribe exactly?

Sure we are a clothing line but we are much more than that. We are a collective of people who want to see the world be a better place. We want the humans who live on this amazing planet to live in better harmony with it and each other.

As you can see from the website we ask people to sign up and become part of The Global Tribe. So who are Global Tribe members?

We think its anyone who has any of the following characteristics:

  • Those who belong everywhere and nowhere.

  • Those who have lived in more than one country.

  • Those who know the experience of being more than one thing, more than one culture, more than one colour or race.

  • Those who have felt belonging in more than one place.

  • Those whose roots and culture are from around the world.

  • Those who are open and loving of difference and diversity.

  • Those who know the isolation but also the magic of otherness.

  • Those who have been born and raised in one place but who feel interconnected to those from and in other places.

  • Those who believe we are deeply connected well beyond the concept of nation-state and borders.

  • Those who know what it means to have more understanding between us.

  • Those who are already connecting to others and want to do more.

  • Those who want to have a voice but feel silenced.

  • Those who might feel hopeless sometimes about the state of the world.

  • Those who know we are capable of more as humans.

  • Those who want to take action and be connected to those who are already active.

  • Those who care about our beautiful planet and are willing to take action to protect it

Is this you? If so sign up here - sure we send you info about our lovely ethical and sustainable products but we also share ideas and thoughts about activism and you’ll hear directly from other activists around the world fighting to make a difference.

Follow us on Instagram - @globaltribeclothing

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The Global Tribe Clothing Company is a sustainable, eco friendly clothing line. Created by  two women who are passionate about people and our society. We want to create a community where people are informed of the injustices happening on our planet and contribute to those fighting for change. Giving people a voice through our designs whilst spreading the message.

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