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All of our products are on our Teemill shop!

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vest Tops


Great for hot days to feel that summer breeze through!

OH! Crop....Top

Show that belly! It ain't hurting nobody.



Shop this recycled and REcycaleble jumper! 

Amazing T-shirts


A perfect soft fit in lovely organic cotton.

women's DRESS tees

If you like your tees long, these are for you.

crewneck women's tee

Gorgeous tees for all our fellow females!!



Tees made from recycled organic cotton.

Looooong Sleeves Tees


Pure cotton and lightweight. What more do you need?

Totes organic Bags

Do your part and get a reusable tote bag. Goodbye plastic! 

cozy hoodies


Everyone needs this in their wardrobe - a must-have!

warm jumpers!


For when it gets cold out and you want to snuggle up.

protective masks

Protect yourself and others with our organic face mask.

Shop by collection

Activists heroes collection

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: Indeed it's the only thing that ever has". Margaret Mead - check out our gorgeous heroes collection of people from around the world who are making change HAPPEN!


Line creatures collection

We've created this collection to celebrate our beautiful and magical Mother Earth. We have profiled animals who are endangered so you can help to raise awareness; as well as those who have recently been reclassified as not endangered. Start spreading the love for our planet and the incredible diversity of life on it.


PREDATORS collection

This bold collection was made to celebrate the wonders that Mother Earth created. These are fierce creatures that we have to help and save from climate and environmental decline. Raise awareness of these animals and spread the love for these wildlings! 


ENVIRONMENT collection

This collection is all about the environment that surrounds us, the good, the not so good and the marvellous! We live in such a beautiful and inspiring place and we want to raise awareness of this.


GLOBAL TRIBE collection

Proud to be a Global Tribe Member? We are too. Help spread the word, the love and the message with one of our Global Tribe logo designs.



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Thanks to Teemill we can assure you all the products follow this 

 🌱 Eco & Ethical Checklist

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Organic Farming

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  • Cotton organically grown in India

  • Natural fertilisers (cow poop) used for growing cotton

  • Cotton crops watered with rainwater

  • GOTS certified organic (Global Organic Textile Standard)

  • Use of companion planting next to cotton crops to help with pest control, pollination and more 

  • Use of insect traps

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Processing & Dying

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  • After the cotton harvest, the rest of the cotton flower is pressed down and used to make animal food cakes and vegetable oil 

  • 95% of the water used for dying is recirculated and recovered - ready to be reused

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eco friendly checkmark yes
  • Done in UK - Isle of Wight

  • Real-time printing ; This means our products are only made after they have been ordered — there is no waste

  • Using technology to produce less energy waste with the machines

  • All manufacturing operations are powered with renewable energy

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Making Products

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the global tribe clothing logo

The Global Tribe Clothing Company is a sustainable, eco friendly clothing line. Created by  two women who are passionate about people and our society. We want to create a community where people are informed of the injustices happening on our planet and contribute to those fighting for change. Giving people a voice through our designs whilst spreading the message.

© 2021 - The Global Tribe Clothing Company



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