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I am an illustrator with the name Degrl based in Somerset, South West England, had been displaying my artworks in trade shows and galleries in Glastonbury, as well as taking commissions from customers around the world.

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I created Degrl as a channel to express my emotion through ink and digital Illustrations, sculptures and experimental arts.


Art helps me discover new and unique ways of communicating with the world and made me unafraid to explore the dark recesses of my soul.

It is my pleasure to be part of the collection creating arts for The Global Tribe and bring their positive energy to help to save our Earth.

DEGRL anserwed a few questions for us about his artwork & what it means to him.

What services do you provide with your art? Where are you based?

What issue do you focus on, what inspires you? What are you passionate about?

What’s your message to our customers around the world and your call to action?

Do you have a closing statement?

Art can change the WORLD!

Make sure to check out DEGRL's artwork on his website and give him a follow on his insta! All the links are below.

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The Global Tribe Clothing Company is a sustainable, eco friendly clothing line. Created by  two women who are passionate about people and our society. We want to create a community where people are informed of the injustices happening on our planet and contribute to those fighting for change. Giving people a voice through our designs whilst spreading the message.

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