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Petros Constantinou
We had the pleasure of meeting Mr Constantinou to learn more about his cause and organisation. He is a coordinator for the KEERFA organisation who provides refugee support and fights against racism and fascist/neo nazi organisers. 
eco sustainable plant illustration
eco sustainable plant illustration
What root cause or issue do you focus on? Who are the people you serve/work with?

We supporting 1000s of refugees living in the Greek camps. We help women to access medical help, children to access education and support people being able to move freely. 

We also campaign against racism and neo nazis in Greece. The fascist party ‘Golden Dawn’ managed to gain seats in the Greek Parliament in the previous election - we’ve managed to mobilise the Greek people to protest this and their actions. We’ve also managed to bring a successful lawsuit against the party and it has since been closed down. Our focus now is on supporting the refugees in Greece who are living in terrible conditions. 

What would your dream reality look like for you in 10-20 years?
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Our dream would be for a better world without racism and fascism and without climate change. 
What are the key challenges you face in your work? We know this work is hard - what would help to strengthen it?
We face challenges in reaching people who are remote and sometimes in getting access to the camps. The Mediterranean Sea has become a graveyard for refugees and we must change this and ensure their voices are heard.
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The Global Tribe Clothing Company is a sustainable, eco friendly clothing line. Created by  two women who are passionate about people and our society. We want to create a community where people are informed of the injustices happening on our planet and contribute to those fighting for change. Giving people a voice through our designs whilst spreading the message.

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